Kim Girdlestone, is a Sydney based singer/songwriter. Distinguished by her rich, distinct and emotive voice, Kim hits the crossroads of Soul, Blues and Folk.


6 May 2016 marked the release of her debut EP ' Freedom & Enterprise' - a collection of songs that capture moments of both introspection and empowerment taking the listener on a journey through the human landscape of agony and ecstasy brought about by life, love and adventure.


“When You Fall” is the featured track from the EP. A neo-soul infusion, that hits you from the first beat. The highlight of the track is Kim’s vocals, channeling the spirited message of the lyrics into a voice that powerfully traverses from soothing to uplifting. This track explores the soul territories laid down by predecessors, adding ceremonious gospel flair with rhythmic accompaniment of piano and melodic organ.


Kim's EP was produced by Scott Greenaway and Daniel Biederman of Green Beads Production in Sydney, Australia. With their deep-seated understanding of soul music as both musicians and producers, they ornately shaped a sonic cinematic experience of the running themes ‘freedom’ and ‘enterprise’, complimenting Kim’s vision for the EP.


Having performed in many bands and supported other artists, including Passenger (UK), Matt Corby (Australia) and Charlie A'Court (Canada) she is no stranger to the stage.

© Kim Girdlestone 2016